About Us

 (From left to right: Ellicia, Steve & Amy).



Booze Towers is a family affair from start to finish.



Steve is the “old man” in more ways than one. He is the Managing Director and CEO as well as the father of Ellicia and Amy, the other two directors and founders of Booze Towers. Whilst Steve’s background is mainly in finance related roles, he started off his working life in another family business, hotels. As a young barman in his father’s hotels he developed a keen sense of what attracts patrons to a hotel and is constantly drawing on this experience in his new role with Booze Towers. Steve is a fifth generation Aussie who loves a beer, understands what it takes to run a successful pub or restaurant, and blends that invaluable experience with formal Master’s Degree qualifications.



Amy is the lawyer in the family. Having spent many years behind a desk analysing legislation, Amy dived at the opportunity to jump out of her comfort zone to help develop Booze Towers. In years gone by, Amy had spent her spare time helping out in the early days of her husband's restaurant in Burleigh Heads. Having seen first hand the positive trend towards group gatherings and communal beer drinking, and partaking in such activities herself, Amy and the family knew there was a gap in the market for high quality, large capacity and affordable beer towers. Being a lawyer, Amy was adamant that our Booze Towers be certified by the National Measurement Institute (NMI) and we can proudly say we are the only supplier in Australia who can offer an NMI certified product.



Ellicia is our tech savvy, digital genius. Having graduated from Griffith University with an events and tourism degree, Ellicia worked in the events and travel industry for over 14 years. Working in the travel industry allowed Ellicia to visit every continent in the world, which is really code for partying all over the world. Having “visited” hotels, bars and restaurants in virtually all continents (not too many pubs in Antarctica) she saw first-hand how much fun patrons have when there is a beer tower on the table. Having run a number of businesses herself, Ellicia also knows the impact a few beer towers can have on a pub’s bottom line. In other words, beer towers represent one of the very few win-win products that the hospitality industry desperately needs during these testing times and Ellicia is dedicated to making sure everybody knows it.