Are your venue’s beer towers legal?

 A Man Pouring A Beer From The Booze Tower's Beer Tower. Australia's number 1 provider of certified beer towers and cocktail towers.

Did you know that all beer towers sold in Australia must be NMI (National Measurement Institute) certified by a registered certifier?

NMI are the Australian Government’s national authority on measurement. They play an important role in the Australian economy by maintaining and regulating Australia’s measurement system, developing and maintaining national measurement standards, and delivering world-class measurement products and client services. 

Certifiers registered with NMI are the only licensees in Australia who are legally able to batch-test and certify products which hold beer.
If your beer towers do not carry an NMI licensee’s official certification mark as required by the Office of Liquor and Gaming, you run the risk of being forced to pull your towers off the shelves. This has already occurred in venues on the Gold Coast, so check your beer towers carefully!

Should you find that your towers are not NMI certified, and therefore not legally compliant, we suggest that you call Booze Towers Pty Ltd and have your beer towers replaced with Australia’s only fully NMI certified beer towers.

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