10 reasons patrons and venues alike love Booze Towers

This Image Shows A Booze Tower's Beer Tower Sitting On A Table. Australia's number 1 provider of certified beer towers and cocktail towers.

It’s no secret that drinking beer is a cherished pastime for most Aussies. Time spent with friends during much needed down time makes a nice cold beer that extra bit special.

But how many times have you been to a venue and the wait time to be served at the bar means you have to order yourself two beers so you don’t spend half your time in line!? Then, your beer gets warm while you’re finishing the first.

No need to worry about that anymore! Booze Towers offer a 3L beer tower to share with your friends that stays icy cold thanks to a stainless steel chill stick just chillin’ inside your tower, so it won’t water down your beer!

Here are 10 reasons why patrons and venues alike love our Booze Towers!

  • Patrons love that they can keep socializing with their friends without having to constantly wait in line for a beer
  • Booze Towers keeps your beer icy cold with every pour
  • Patrons can have ANY beverage in a Booze Tower – how about a cocktail or a cider – or even soft drink!?
  • Booze Towers are great to use during sporting events, when the squad comes together to root for their favourite team
  • Venues increase draught beer sales overnight
  • Why not create a party atmosphere in your bar and watch the FOMO effect in action!
  • Booze Towers are the perfect “beer garden” buddy
  • Reduce your venue’s constant need for chilled glasses
  • Booze Towers are 100% dishwasher safe, so they’re fast and easy to clean
  • Most importantly, Booze Towers are the only beer tower in Australia certified for volume accuracy by the Commonwealth Government’s National Measurement Institute – so you know your venue is legally compliant!


Contact us today on 1800 826 693 or customer.service@boozetowers.com.au for any questions and to place an order.

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